Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Ouch! *thwip* Bite me!

Since the born of Venom in the year 1993, he caused much pain to Spider-man... Our hero has not been in good sleep.
He has been pestered day and night without rest because Venom is such a tough ass...and yet Spidey cant seem to get rid of him

...And the legacy continuess.....

"Caught ya!" says Venom. 
Apparently, Venom will continue to pester pity ol' Spidey everywhere he goes, even when he's just a toy in a store

Here's why Venom always wins:-
1. Venom's web can curl on neck
2. Spidey's web looks like a baseball bat

*Only available at your friendly neighbourhood TOYS'R US. Venom and Spider-man each sold separately*

Thus ends the pity story of our friendly neighbourhood hero.


Saturday, November 19, 2011

Go hook some of the seafood!

I was making comparison between shops. Who made the best franchised fish n'chips in KL??
I guess it doesnt take too long to guess, there's only two that's more commonly known, none other than Manhattan Fish Market and Fish and Co. 

I had MFM for awhile and I wanted to make some comparison of it with FnCo. 
But to tell the truth, both the shops menu are pricey and they cost about the same. And I find FnCo make a better fish n chips than MFM, despite not having much outlets here. 

Here is the Fish n Co in One Utama~ 

Great old Fish and Chips! Deep fried Dory with New York cheese toppings. It makes a classic bite!

Grilled Dory served with Garlic rice and chips. 

Holy smoke! (You must be thinking what's this) Its supposed to be Grilled Salmon Salad. And it was half eaten before I could remember taking the pic 

Sunday, February 21, 2010

My dead blog~~

My blog has been dead for few weeks...I dun even have much time to online in fact...! 
Had one of the most active CNY celebration after so many years lolx! Well, I am having a post-holiday mood, not enjoying the moment to wait for monday to come -.-"

I just wish everyone had a good CNY celebration with family, frenz or even him/herself =D 

Tuesday, February 9, 2010

holiday season greeting

Its gonna be holidaysss very soon...~ doesn't really have the mood to work this week hahah!
So here's for a season greetings to everyone, Happy Chinese New Year 2010, for the year of tiger, roar!